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Frequently-Asked Questions

How does Tweetfave work?
Tweetfave periodically scans your Twitter account. When new liked tweets (previously called "favorites") are detected, they are combined into a custom email sent directly to you.
How frequent are the Tweetfave emails sent?
Emails are sent every 2 hours.
What are there two different emails on the signup form?
The main email address should go directly to your inbox. The second email is optional; if provided, all "favorites" emails will be delivered here. If only the first email is provided, everything will go there.
Does Tweetfave save my Twitter password?
No - we use the Twitter OAuth feature which grants us access to your account without the need for your password. The sign-in flow goes through first, then back to
Does Tweetfave make any changes to my Twitter account?
No - we access Twitter in read-only mode. Tweetfave can ready your tweet timeline, friends, and followers, but cannot post any information through your account.
How much does Tweetfave cost?
Nothing! Tweetfave is a free service. We may add additional paid features in the future (depending on demand), but the base level of functionality will always be free.
Where can I get help or send suggestions?
Send email to info at